Communications Society

    Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation


         IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications

              Alexandria, Egypt, June 27-29, 1995

                         Sponsored by*
    IEEE Computer Society** and IEEE Communications Society

  Advances  in  digital  communication technology and its main
  emerging applications are the focus  of  this  first  annual
  event  aiming at bringing together experts from industry and
  academia in  order  to  exchange  ideas  and  results  in  a
  specific area in the fields of computers and communications.
  Original   research  or  survey  papers  as  well  as  panel
  proposals related to the  following  topics  are  especially

  Performance and Simulation of Communication Systems
  Protocol Specification and Engineering
  Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  ISDN/BISDN Standards, Implementation and Applications
  Network Operation, Administration and Management
  Networks for Industrial Applications
  Multimedia Protocols, Applications and Systems
  Distributed Computing and Information Access
  Network Security and Privacy
  Legal and Social Issues in Networking
  Optical Fiber Communications
  Satellite Communications
  Protocols for High Performance Networks
  Reliability, Availability and Fault Tolerance
  Interoperability and Network Interconnection
  Services and Deployment of Future Networks

  Papers  submitted  should  not exceed 20 double spaced pages
  and should be original (neither published nor submitted  for
  publication  elsewhere).  Four  copies (with complete postal
  and electronic mailing addresses, as well as phone  and  fax
  numbers  of the responsible author) should be sent to either
  one of the two program co- chairs:

  Dr. Spiros Dimolitsas         Prof. Mohamed Gouda
  COMSAT Labs                   Dept. of Computer Sciences
  22300 Comsat Drive,           University of Texas-Austin
  Clarksburg, MD 20871, USA     Austin, TX 78712, USA

       Important Dates:

  November 14, 1994   Paper submission deadline
  January 30, 1995    Notifications of acceptance mailed to authors
  March 31, 1995 Final camera-ready manuscripts due

       Steering Committee
  Hussein Abdel Wahab, Old Dominion U., USA
  Yehia Elhakim, Alexandria U., Egypt
  Aly Elrefaie, Bellcore, USA
  Mahmoud Elsoury, ARENTO, Egypt
  Aly Hebeish, Academy for Scientific Res.& Tech., Egypt
  Tarek Saadawi, City U. of New York, USA
  Mostafa Hashem Sherif, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
  Ahmed Tantawy, IBM T.J. Watson  Research Center, USA

       Technical Program Committee
  Spiros Dimolitsas, COMSAT, USA (co-Chair)
  Mohamed Gouda, U. Texas-Austin, USA (co-Chair)
  Salah Aidarous, Bell Northern Research, Canada
  Ali Atyia, COMSAT, USA
  Abdel Monem Bilal, Cairo U., Egypt
  A. Crossman, PictureTel, USA
  M. Daneshmand, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
  W. R. Daumer, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
  Maurizio Decina, CEFRIEL, Politec. Milano, Italy
  Ismail I. Eldumiati, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
  Said El-Khamy, Alexandria U., Egypt
  Anthony Ephremides, U. of Maryland, USA
  M. A. R. Ghonaimy, Ein Shams U., Egypt
  Waguih Ishak, HP Labs, USA
  Samir Kamal, HP Labs, USA
  A.S. Krishnakumar, AT&T, The Netherlands
  Kurt Maly, Old Dominion U., USA
  Hanafy Meleis, NIST, USA
  Hussien Mouftah, Queens U., Canada
  Yushi Naito, Mitsubishi, Japan
  Jay Nievergelt,  ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  John O'Reilly, U. C. London, UK
  Harry Perros, NC State U., USA
  Donald Schilling, InterDigital, USA
  Thomas Schuett, IBM, Germany
  Samir Soliman, Qualcomm, USA
  Mark Soulliere, ATT Bell Labs, USA
  Jean-Pierre Thomesse, ENSEM, France
  Azza Torky, ARENTO, Egypt
  Bill Tranter, U. of Missouri/Rolla, USA

  Ibrahim Abdel-Salam, Alexandria U., Egypt
  Abdel-Salam Fathi, Alexandria U., Egypt

       Local Organization
  Mohamed Ismail, Alexandria U., Egypt

       Registration & Finance
  Adel Elmaghraby, U. of Louisville, USA
  Tarek N. Saadawi, CUNY, USA

  Edgar Aguilar, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
  Reda Ammar, U. of Connecticut, USA
  Abdelsalam Heddaya, Boston U., USA
  Mohamed Obaidat, CUNY, USA

  *  In cooperation with: IEEE Alexandria Subsection, the Arab
  Republic  of  Egypt National Telecommunications Organization
  (ARENTO), and the American Arab Scientific  Society.    With
  corporate support from IBM Egypt and AT&T Egypt.
  ** Technical Committee on Simulation